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Articulated Awning

Articulated awning is one of the first awning models used in Turkey. Thanks to its ease of Use and quality structure, articulated awning is the indispensable awning model.


Articulated awning is one of the models of awning used in Turkey. Thanks to its ease of Use and quality structure, articulated awning is an indispensable awning model. It got its name from the word joint, which means joint, and thanks to its joints, it can easily open and close. Articulated awning is the most affordable awning model. It is generally used as a balcony awning. It often uses this model of awning in grocery stores and stores.

This product, which we can list among cheap awning systems, is used in 2 classes as European and domestic fabrics for fabric use. Polyester pvc Tarpaulin fabric articulated pop-up tarpaulin system is more suitable in terms of price, but creates a smell problem on hot summer days. Polyester pvc Tarpaulin articulated manual tarpaulin is generally used in shops and shops. Small changes in the Joint parts of the articulated awning gain a structure that can be used in all weather conditions, including summer and winter. Thanks to the fabric that can reach up to 3.5 meters, dressed on an articulated awning, the desired lengths are opened and closed.


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Pergosol Systems are designed for all weather conditions and each product has its own protection feature.


Pergosol Systems are of aluminum structure and use full inox screws and fittings. The used blackout fabric is flameproof and easy to clean.


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All our products are CE certified and are produced in line with European standards.

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