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Riding Glass Balcony

The system performs the pulling operation with a chain or belt. The two windows pull each other upwards thanks to the locking bar.


System Engine is 120 NW. The system is controlled by a remote control. It does not work manually. The system performs the pulling operation with a chain or belt. The two windows pull each other upwards thanks to the locking bar. The glasses used are tempered glass and the fixed and moving parts of the system are 4 + 16 + 4 mm tempered. Movable Handrail for the Fixed Part Used in the System 90 cm. However, in order to ensure that the windows of the system are aligned at heights exceeding 2.50 m; The system is divided into 3 equal parts and fixed at 10 cm. It will be added. It can be used outdoors, especially in areas such as cafes and restaurants, by closing it in cold weather and opening it in open weather. In this way, extra space can be added to the space.

No matter how large the area is, it can be closed in this way. With this system, more elegant environments can be created. It can be opened in half when desired, thanks to its movability. In this way, the environment can be ventilated by opening it halfway. For the system used, the fixed part is adjusted to 90 cm for the movable handrail.

Systems over 2.5 meters are divided into 3 equal parts and an additional 10 cm is added to the fixed part. The system prepared in this way is assembled and made ready for use. With the movable handrail, the public areas are made more elegant and prepared as a usage area. Handrails are prepared in glass systems. Thanks to its thickness, it is possible to use it for a long time without being damaged. It can also be used in areas such as pools and winter gardens to prevent the wind.

With the movable handrail, the areas can be opened when desired and can be made fully open or can be adjusted halfway. It is possible to adjust in three stages. At the preparation stage, first of all, the correct measurements of the area where the handrail will be made are taken.

In this way, when the system prepared in the right dimensions is finished, it can be brought to the area and assembled without any problems.



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Pergosol Systems are designed for all weather conditions and each product has its own protection feature.


Pergosol Systems are of aluminum structure and use full inox screws and fittings. The used blackout fabric is flameproof and easy to clean.


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